Monday, October 27, 2014

A Wake Up Call

This morning I went in to wake up my sweet Pumpkin so that she could get ready for school.  She was awake, but lying peacefully in her bed.  I sat next to her, rubbed her back, and whispered, "Good morning Sunshine!"

She looked at me, smiled the faintest smile, and said,  "What day is it?"

"Monday October 27, 2014" was my response.

"I wish it wasn't a Monday.  I just want to stay here in bed for a while."

I gave her a kiss on her forehead and said, "Mondays are tough.  What exciting things do you have on your schedule today?"

She talked a bit about which specials she has, an upcoming test, and getting ready for Halloween.  After a few minutes, she was ready to get up and start her day.

Walking from her room into the kitchen to begin breakfast making, lunch packing, etc.  I got a little teary eyed.  I missed a last.  I remember when every morning I would wake to the sound of one of my munchkins chatting happily, crying, or shouting "Mama!"  Each day, I would wish I could sleep just a little bit longer, wanting "to stay here in bed for a while".  Times have changed.  Roles have reversed. While I love and am proud of my girls and how much they've grown, I sometimes wish I could slow them down just a little bit.