Melissa - As a stay-at-home mom in a rather small town without family nearby, I have become rather dependent on social media and technology to stay connected to those I love as well as meet new friends with similar interests and concerns.   While this blog actually began as a method to earn extra entries in various contests a couple years ago, I've recently discovered that blogging can be a fun outlet for communication.  I am able to vent, rant and rave about all the good and bad products and companies I encounter.   Even though I do plan to go back to work when Pumpkin starts school full-time, I expect to continue to maintain this blog as my sounding board.  Even if no one is listening, I'll still be talking (I've gotten accustomed to that as a wife and mom!)

Peanut is my oldest daughter.  At 8 going on 16 she is sweet, nurturing and a little shy.  While she definitely displays some attitude on occasion, she is still pure joy.  I've never met a more forgiving, kind, and caring soul than our Peanut.  She would give away her lunch to a friend that looked hungry.  We are constantly complimented on Peanut's good manners.  She almost never forgets to say "please" and "thank you", because she genuinely means it.  She appreciates all that she has been blessed with.

Pumpkin is my youngest daughter.  With dimples that reach to her soul, our 7 year old is full of life.  While she is somewhat reserved and very sensitive, once she trusts you she'll show you her unbridled enthusiasm for life.  While Pumpkin would rather not be the center of attention, she has a competitive spirit that drives her to be the best at everything she does.   Inquisitive by nature, she's asks questions and notices details that would simply pass me by.  Every day I am amazed by her intelligence and worth ethic.  Once she puts her mind to it, our Peanut is guaranteed to achieve great things!

Doc is my amazing husband.  We met in the summer of 1995, when I was only 18 years old.  We married in December of 1999.  While no marriage is perfect, I am happy to say that we've definitely had more good times than bad.  In addition to being handsome (He has some gorgeous blue eyes!), Doc is a hard worker with a kind heart and generous soul.  He would do anything for me and our girls.  A rather private man, you won't see many pictures nor too many specific details about him on this blog.