Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What happened to the time?

I can't believe it is May 31!   The sun is shining.  Summer residents have returned to our small vacation community.  School is almost over.

What happened to spring?  I had been hoping for a nice long spring this year.  I wanted to get Pumpkin off her training wheels and on a regular two-wheeled bike.   Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate very well in that endeavor.  Now, the island is bustling with cars, bikes, scooters, dogs, and golf carts, which makes it difficult to get a long clear stretch of road where my Pumpkin can find her rhythm and the confidence to pedal without me running beside her.  Perhaps a random week day will be quiet enough to allow us to try though.  If not, I'll be hoping for a nice long fall. 

My garden isn't yet planted.  :o(  I have tomatoes and peppers that are sitting in their little plastic containers hoping to find a place to stretch their roots.  I have flowers that may be out of their blooming season by the time I get them in their respective pots.

As behind as I might be in my spring work, I am just as far behind in my blog postings.  I have several posts started and several in mind.   So, expect to be seeing quite a few posts over the next several days as well as throughout the month of June.  The girls and I will be getting into a routine shortly after school lets out that will allow me brief interludes of blog time (probably during their daily "rest" time).   Every mom needs a short sanity break, right?

I hope your spring was happy, busy and full of smiles.  May your summer be even better!

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  1. Happy Summer!! If you don't see me posting, send me a tweet with the link! I'll come comment!

    I hope you get your plants planted! We have already pulled 6 or so zucchini off our plant, we have one HUGE sunflower, several cherry tomatoes and broccoli. OH! And a pumpkin starting! I love gardening!

    One MUST HAVE flower - the balloon flower - I love mine! It's SO much fun to watch!

    Have a great weekend!