Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Wants Pizza?

I don't know about you, but I have a weak spot for pizza. Homemade pizza, frozen pizza, chain pizza, local pizza shop pizza . . . they all have a special place in my heart depending on my mood. The problem with my pizza penchant (other than the obvious issues) is that sometimes I don't want a whole pizza. I just want a slice (or two). Knowing that, you won't be at all shocked to hear how happy I was to hear about the Freschetta By The Slice pizza event taking place on August 4th (TOMORROW!). Freschetta will be giving away free pizza while supplies last from 11am-3pm CST (Hmmm . . . being on Eastern time, I think that would be noon my time, right?) The problem I have is that I'll have company over tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak away to grab a slice. If not, I hope at least my readers get their fair share. To sign up to get a reminder go to Good luck!

Event Details:
Date - August 4th, 2011
What - FREE* FRESCHETTA® By The Slice pizza event
Where - From the comfort of your own home
Details - Visit the message board at

FRESCHETTA® will be giving away thousands of slices of our delicious By The Slice pizza in a special live online event. The FRESCHETTA® By The Slice pizza will be given away in 5,000 increments every half hour. There will also be fun, interactive contests where you can win additional coupons. You can find all the delicious details surrounding this event on the message board in

*Disclaimer - As a Freschetta Fresh Connection blogger, I have the opportunity to win prizes for sharing this information with you.  Because I like my readers, I would have shared anyway.  :o)


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