Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A (Late) Valentine's Day Wrap Up

February has absolutely flown by for us, even with an extra day!  While I realize that Valentine's Day was two weeks ago, I hadn't found time to share all the fun projects we were working on with you before now.  So, this post will be short, but jam packed with some of the projects that we really enjoyed.  Maybe you can use some of them next year with your munchkins.  :o)

Hearty Hot Dogs -

Who knew that hot dogs could inspire the thought of love?  I sure didn't, until I saw this fun food project that we did with Peanut's class.

With a hot dog cut on the diagonal, a triangular piece of cheese, and a fun party toothpick (found at a local party store, but if you plan better than I did you can pick them up for less at Oriental Trading), we were able to make hot dogs into Cupid's arrow hearts. How fun!

For those of you that don't like hot dogs (my kids refuse to eat them . . . not that that is a bad thing), you can also use soft pretzel sticks for the same effect. I found some plain sticks without cheese or anything inside by Hanover Foods in the frozen food department at WalMart. They were only $1.79 for 16 of them.

As for Valentines, we made them again. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough rose stems for the Hershey's Kiss roses to have Peanut make any extra, so I don't have a picture. (We were not as prepared as we usually are for Valentine's Day due to my extended bout with pneumonia.) However, they did turn out cute. The local florist actually had rose stems for candy roses, so it was an easy project. Two Kisses were stacked bottom to bottom, covered in cellophane, and attached to the stem with some pretty red ribbon. Cute!

Pumpkin saw the iPod Valentines on the FamilyFun website and decided that those would be her project. They also turned out great!

This one is missing an ear bud. I suspect that Doc may have gotten into it before I was able to take the picture. Either way, you get the idea. We didn't cover our peanut butter cups with foil because Pumpkin preferred that they were red. Also, she wanted to use colorful yarn rather than white. On the back, she attached a label that had a picture of a guitar and said, "You rock!". While some of the kids in her Kindergarten class didn't know what these were, they were a hit with the adults that received them, and Pumpkin LOVED them (which is the most important thing of all!).


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