Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fun, Fresh, OceanStyles

I am a wannabe decorator.  I can spend hours in furniture and design stores looking at sofas, beds, chairs, pictures, and other trinkets.  Once I find a piece that I really like, I will spend the next several months looking for more furniture and accessories that I think would look great with it.  In reality, I might not buy any of it.  However, I'm always thinking about how I might redecorate if I had all the money in the world and no other opinions to consider.

Recently, I was browsing online and I ran across  All I can say about this site, is that I could easily spend a paycheck or two there.   Living on the lake, I like light beachy looking decor.  When people come to visit, I want them to feel like they're on vacation.  In a dream world, I'd like to feel like I was on vacation every day too.  I can guarantee that if I walked outside everyday and saw this adorable Tiki Bar, I would feel like I was on vacation.   Even more so, if I was drinking out of these fun glasses!  In addition to furniture and glasses, I absolutely love their wooden and tin signs.  When I was browsing them, I had a really hard time picking just one. 

While I haven't purchased anything from yet, I think I might have to try them out soon.  If you get anything from them, please let me know the quality and customer service.  I'll be sure to do the same if/when I order as well. 


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