Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Already?!

Not only is it already August, but it is already almost mid-August!   How did this happen?  How did an entire month pass me by without a single post?   I'll give you one guess . . .

Yes, I am going to blame it on the kids.  :o)  The girls have been home from school and they have been keeping me crazy busy.  I don't think a single day has gone by where we haven't had something to do.  Whether it is something fun, like a trip to the beach or pool, or something not-so-fun like cleaning the house for guests (Remember, I live on the lake in a vacation town, so I get lots of summer guests!), we are ALWAYS busy. 

To be fair though, I can't blame it entirely on the kids.  This summer has been a summer full of changes.  At the end of June I lost my grandpa.  It was a loss that I took much harder than I expected.  I won't elaborate on that much more, because it still makes me very emotional when I think about it.  In addition, we got a new roommate a couple of weeks ago.  Due to some (positive) changes in my SIL's life, she needed a place a stay, and we took her in.  I'm not sure how long she'll be with us, but having another person in the house definitely requires an adjustment period.   So, you'll probably be hearing the occasional story about Auntie Em.  She is adorable, sweet, hilarious, and just plain fun.  She definitely adds a new dimension to our family dynamic though!

So, welcome back readers!  I have lots to tell you . . .


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