Friday, February 28, 2014

Carmex Gets Fashionable

Have you seen the new Carmex Moisture Plus lip balms?

They are fancy!

There are four styles to choose from:  Chic, Fab, Whimsical, and Adventurous.

Personally, my favorite is the Whimsical version.  The bright colors and patterns make it easy to find hiding in the bottom of my purse.  

My sister, the lover of all things purple, was smitten with the Fab lip balm.   It actually fits her perfectly, since she always looks nothing short of fabulous.  (Did I tell you the story of when someone thought Doc and I were her parents?  FYI - She's my older sister.  Ugh!)

Pumpkin is very fond of animal prints these days, and found the adventurous stick to be right up her alley.  It goes well with her zebra book bag and cheetah bean bag chair.

Peanut ended up with the Chic stick.  Not so much because it was her favorite, but because that is what we had left.  It worked out well, however, since her book bag is black and white as well.  It was a perfect match.

I have to say, that it seemed silly to worry about the color of your lip balm package when I first saw these new sticks.  However, after using them this winter, I have discovered that I absolutely LOVE it.  Now, we don't have to worry that we are using the wrong stick.  With chapped lip season coinciding with cold and flu season, there is no need to take the extra risk of using someone else's Carmex.  

In fact, I love these new sticks so much that I actually bought several as gifts for teachers, co-workers, and friends.  They made great stocking stuffers and would have been great for Valentine's gifts for teachers as well.  

My only problem with these new lip balms - it seems like they don't have as much lip balm in them.  They've run out of goodness and I've had to buy replacements already.  To be honest though, it may just be the ridiculousness of this winter.  I might be using lip balm even more than I ever have before. 

Now that spring is fast approaching (I hope!), maybe Carmex will even come out with some new summer sticks.  I know I'll be on the lookout for them!

*Disclaimer - Carmex sent me samples of this product to facilitate my review.  

PS - If you haven't tried the healing lotion and cream from Carmex, you should!  It is hard to find, but definitely worth the effort.   (I've only been able to locate it in CVS.)


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