Friday, October 9, 2009

Harry Connick Jr.'s "Your Songs" have become mine!

My love of Harry Connick Jr. began in high school with his album "Red Light, Blue Light", so when One2One asked me if I wanted to review his "Your Songs" album I jumped at the chance. When I received it in the mail I looked at the songs on the CD and was a little disappointed. I don't generally like when people do cover songs, but thought I should at least listen to it before casting judgment. I am more than happy that I did. Since receiving the CD approximately two weeks ago it has not left my kitchen CD player. Whenever I'm cooking, doing dishes, helping my kiddos with homework, or working on the computer it is playing. The smooth sounds of Harry Connick Jr. make some of my favorite old songs even better. It is relaxing and somehow seems to relieve the stress I normally feel while doing my daily stay-at-home mom work. I often find myself humming and dancing a bit while I put the dishes away. Even better, my kids don't complain when I have it on. If a CD can make my entire family listen without complaining, then it must be great!


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