Friday, December 4, 2009

Sam's Club is Giving Money Away for the Holidays!

It seems that money is tight for just about everyone I know around the holidays. As a SAHM, I try to find fun an unique ways to give gifts that help save our family money. The girls love crafts, so I have them make gifts for people that I know will treasure them. For others, I find amazing deals by using coupon codes from and following the hot deals section of and I also am sure to check bing, ebates, upromise, and now boxtops for cash back for me or my girls' school. Another method I've recently discovered are blogs. Who knew that bloggers could get and give away so much?! In fact, I have noticed an abundance of Sam's Club giveaways on many of the mommy blogs I follow. It works out perfectly since I happen to LOVE Sam's Club. (I know, I know - Most of you are already aware of my disdain for Walmart. I know they are the same company, but for some reason the people at Sam's club have treated me 1000x nicer than they ever have at Walmart.) So, I've been entering these blog contest for Sam's Club GCs, hoping to get some money to buy Doc something nice for the holidays (Shhhh - Don't tell him!). As a favor to my few loyal readers (and as a way to get some bonus entries for myself), I'm going to keep a list of these contests with links so that you can enter and hopefully win too. Maybe you'll even buy me something nice with your GC as a "thank you". ;o) So, here they are . . . Good Luck!
She currently has 4 giveaways going on right now for GC from $25 - $75. Keep checking back because she may add more!
She also has had several amazing giveaways running at any time.
I think she adds a new giveaway just about daily!

I highly recommend you subscribe to the three blogs listed above to stay up-to-date. I'll let you know if I find more.

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