Monday, November 23, 2009

Earn money for your school by shopping . . .

I have to start this post by telling you that I am fortunate to be a member of "The Juicy Bunch", a group of moms that provide feedback to Juicy Juice by answering surveys weekly. While I earn points for answering these surveys, I was not given anything by Juicy Juicy or "The Juicy Bunch" to post this information. I was just excited to learn about this program and thought I would pass it on to others that might find it interesting.

I have always been (or tried to be) a savvy shopper. I search for the best deals, use coupon codes (I LOVE, and often use cashback sites to do my online shopping (ebates, bing, upromise, and fatwallet are some of the most common). I was shocked to learn that I can now shop through to earn money for my school. You might think that I wouldn't like this idea as much because the money doesn't go directly into my pocket, but I do!!! Here's why . . . My husband "G" and I despise fundraisers for the munchkins. Really, would you pay $10 for a small roll of ugly wrapping paper if it were at Target or I asked you to buy it, knowing that you wouldn't even receive the item for 2 weeks to a month (or more)? I know I wouldn't, but we send out our cute little chubby cheeked kids and you cave in, spending way too much money on things you don't need (or even want). So, anything I can do to help my kids' school earn money without sending them to beg at the doors of friends and family sounds great to me.


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