Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Shopping

The time for holiday shopping is already upon us and I am proud to say that I'm almost done! I, like most of you, have people that are easy to shop for and those that are not. Sometimes the easy ones give you a list, or you just know them so well that you see something while browsing and know that it is just perfect! The difficult people can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Either they already have everything they could want or they are really picky. Regardless of the reason, the easy ones on my list are done (and I keep finding more that I know they'd love), but the others are still there - driving me crazy trying to think of something just right. If you're stuck like I am, then I have a couple of suggestions for you.
  1. Create something fun and unique - This is especially good for grandparents, godparents and other family members that have everything already. Some ideas are: painting pottery, creating a fun holiday rug, making a unique ornament, or creating a photo gift like ones from Shutterfly and Kodak. Check out your local art store to get some more ideas.
  2. Give an experience - This is great for people with limited space and time on their hands. My mother-in-law is very difficult to shop for, but she loves to paint and spend time with her grandchildren. A great gift for her is something like, lunch and a trip to the zoo with her grandchildren, or a local art class and some art supplies. You can also find "fancier" experience gift certificates online from sites like and . *NOTE: I've never used any of these sights, but they might be good to use to get some ideas.
If neither of those ideas will work for the loved one you have in mind, then you might just need someone else to give you some suggestions. If so, I highly recommend (You can click my button on my sidebar to take you right there) They have the gifts arranged by the person you're hoping to buy for and they are just adorable! They even include some coupon codes at the bottom of the list to save you some extra money. Speaking of saving money, before you buy online, make sure you check out for even more coupon codes.

*Note: The information written below was added as result of my time spent on I was inspired to write it because of the following link: .

Unfortunately, living in a small town we actually don't have a Staples nearby, so it has been quite a while since I've actually shopped there. However, upon looking at their website,
I've decided that it may well be time to check them out again next time I'm internet shopping or taking a trip to the "big city". Besides, we're definitely in need of a new computer and Staples is even giving you the chance to win one here
(Be sure to read the rules before entering)


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