Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Staying Fit Together

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In December of 2008 I decided that I really needed to lose weight. I was getting ready for my cousin's wedding and nothing (literally nothing) in my closet that was wedding appropriate fit me. I hadn't realized that I had put on so much weight until that moment. I tend to wear loose fitting and baggy clothes since staying home with my kiddos, so it was easy to just add weight slowly without paying attention. After the wedding I came home and researched exercise/fitness programs that might work and be financially and logistically feasible. I ended up choosing Power 90 and was happy that I did. I lost weight, dropped two dress sizes, and just felt better all around. After I had finished my 90 day cycle though I was bored with the program. I just didn't want to do the same exercises anymore. At that point I decided to just try to maintain the weight loss on my own through diet and exercise. The diet is fairly easy (but would be easier if my kids would eat all their food and I didn't still hear my mom's voice telling me "there are starving children in Ethiopia"). The exercise was more of a challenge. Every time I put a DVD in the player one of my kids undoubtedly needs a drink, a snack, to go potty, etc. Finally I decided that if I want to exercise then I need to include the kids in on it too. Now, we bike together, walk together, play tag outside together and more. The girls love it and so do I! What a great way to take care of both myself and my girls! If you need some tips and ideas, the article from juicy juice has some good ones on how to get started.


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