Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sam's Club is at it again

For those of you that have been following me since the holidays, you know that I spent quite a bit of time searching for and entering at various blogs for Sam's Club gift cards. As a SAHM, gift cards are a great way for me to buy gifts for hubby that don't require me spending the money he has earned. :o) Well, Sam's Club is at it again, and so am I. Some of my favorite mom bloggers are giving away gift cards again, and while I'm not one of them, I'm here to pass the information on to you (and earn myself some extra entries in the process. Good Luck!

Be sure to check out MommyGoggles giveaway. She's very crafty and is even building a loft for her kids playroom.

Outnumbered 3-1 is also hosting a Sam's giveaway on her site, along with several other great reviews and giveaways.

What's That Smell is also having a giveaway. It looks like hers is a "live" one . . . I love those! Be sure to keep track of her as well. She even gave away a Sony Reader over the holidays.

3 Kids and Us is also having a giveaway. I've just recently discovered her, but I love that she has fun recipes on her site. Sam's club was also giving away free bags here, but unfortunately those are already gone. Keep an eye out for other free samples from them though.

Audrey at Momgenerations also has some GCs to give away. Follow her for great fashion advice as well.

The Poshpreneur is also giving some GCs away. If you want to enter hers, hurry. It ends Monday!

I've even discovered My Wooden Spoon through these giveaways! Her site is loaded with recipes, and as a trying-to-cook-more mom I can use all the help I can get.

I will update if I find more, but good luck to you for now (and cross some fingers for me too please!)


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