Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can a Positive Attitude really be the difference?

Recently I posted telling you all about my New Year's Resolution. Yesterday, as I realized that it is already February, I thought back on my January and how I've been doing so far. I must say that I am proud of myself (insert round of applause here). I have been more positive. I feel like I have been a better mother as a result. In addition, I find myself happier. I smile more. I even have found that I've had great customer service experiences in January. I think I've had more positive interactions in January than I can remember having during all of 2009! Now, my question is this . . . Are stores really doing that much better? Admittedly, I haven't gone into Lowes or Walmart at all this year yet (nor do I plan to), but overall I have been pleased. I already told you all about MicroCenter and NorthlineExpress, but just last week Kroger and FashionPlaytes exceeded my expectations for great shopping experiences. I don't know if it is my attitude or I've just been lucky, but either way, this resolution is here to stay!


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