Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Books That are Made into Movies - Can you Read and Watch?

As a bibliophile, I constantly have a book nearby that I am reading. Sometimes I choose a book on my own, on a whim. Other times I am reading a book based on a recommendation by a friend or family member. Often, I find myself reading books that have been made into movies. With two children (and the ridiculous price of movies), I don't get out to the movies too often, however I do have a running list of movie requests from the local library. I've recently found myself quite disappointed in movies after I've read the book. The characters, places, scenes, etc. aren't what I've pictured. In fact, I read through the entire Twilight Series in less than a month. Once I started a book I just couldn't put it down. When I was finally able to get the movie from the library I was thrilled . . . until I wasn't. I found myself bored, falling asleep, and debating on whether I should just give up and turn it off. While I did watch the entire movie, I decided at that moment that I have absolutely no interest in seeing any of the others. Did this happen to anyone else?

My most recent read, Julie and Julia is another book/movie combination. When I saw the previews for the movie, they looked fun and inspiring. I put it on my list of books to read and movies to rent. Honestly, I just finished the book last week and was a bit disappointed. The book was well written and I could definitely relate to Julie. In fact, the problem may have been that I could relate too much. Sometimes I feel lost, like I am looking for my way, my calling after life as a SAHM. I don't like to cook or clean much, so I don't think I'd be a good housewife after the kiddos are in school full time. I don't really have a talent. I don't write well. I'm not crafty. I'm not creative. I think reading the book just made me jealous that she was able to find her "talent" rather than inspired to find my own. On a positive note, since I didn't particularly enjoy reading Julie and Julia, it is quite possible that I will like the movie when I get a chance to see it.

Next, I'm on to the Time Traveler's Wife . . . LOVE IT so far!


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