Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party

I don't know how many of you have girls, but if you do, then you know how fun a tea party can be. The girls and I have had pizza and tea parties, tea parties for their stuffed animals, and picnic tea parties. Now, thanks to Twittermoms and Harper Collins, I am in the planning stages for a Fancy Nancy Tea and Poetry Party. Included below are some of the ideas I currently have. Whether you are a novice or expert at tea parties, I'd love your input as well. (Also, be sure to check out Twittermoms Reading Page for more information about Fancy Nancy books and planning a tea party.)
  1. Rhyming Name Cards - Even if the names are "Seuss" silly, each child will have a place setting with their name and a rhyme - perhaps Smiley Riley, or Silly Jilly. The girls can decorate their name cards with stickers and glitter to be as fancy as they'd like.
  2. Rhyming Recipes - When we have a tea party, the girls like to be included in the cooking as well. With fancy aprons, the girls can put together some rhyming recipes like the ones found here. If it is for a younger crowd, the girls can just help make the cookies using the Sassafras Kids Fairy Princess Cookie kit. (*Note - I do not have Ruth's Rhyming Recipe Book. It just looks like it might be an interesting buy. I have purchased the Sassafras Kids Fairly Princess Cookie kit before and the girls absolutely LOVE it. I highly recommend it if you are able to find it on sale.)
  3. Dress Up - All guests should wear their Fancy Nancy best attire and accessories. We will have princess tiaras for each guest as well.
  4. Reading - While waiting for the cookies to bake (before we can decorate our princess cookies with sparkles and beads), we can read our Fancy Nancy book.
  5. Piggy Paint - If all the moms approve, perhaps we'll even make time to paint our nails with Piggy Paint. (We LOVE this stuff!) With colors like "Forever Fancy" and "Tea Party for Two" it would fit in perfectly.
Fancy Nancy Poetry Party Ideas
Fancy Nancy Books

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