Monday, January 3, 2011

New thoughts for the New Year

I began this blog for two reasons:
  1. To get more entries for giveaways on other blogs when I was actually entering more often. 
  2. To have a place to rant, rave, complain and brag about things that were going on in my life (even if no one was reading).
Throughout my giveaway entering and random talking, I have been given several opportunities to host giveaways for the few that do read this blog.  As that happened, I began to compare myself to other bloggers.  I wanted to have as many followers as xxx or high value giveaways like yyy.  I wanted people to send me products to try.  I wanted someone to care about my opinions.  The reality is that I am not a review blogger.  I am not a giveaway blogger.  I'm not a great writer.  I'm a regular person.  I am a mom.  I blog when I can or when I need to vent.   I will still host giveaways as they come my way if it seems like a product that people would like.   However, I no longer have a goal of having as many followers as xxx.  Follow my blog if you'd like.  Feel free to unfollow if you wouldn't.  I will no longer be concerned with my online rank.  My main concern in 2011 is being the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend that I can be!  I expect that life in general will give me plenty of things that I'll need to blog about . . .

*Note:  With this change of heart, I have also decided to end my facebook giveaway early.  Rather than wait for 100 fans, I will select a winner via on Friday (just in case any of my current facebook fans would like to enter that haven't already).

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  1. (((HUG))) Aww, I love that you are so honest with yourself! I have all of the same thoughts/dreams that you have/had ... but I am not quite ready to give up! LOL! You are a great friend - even if I only "know" you online! :)