Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Changes for 2011

When my children were just babies, life was crazy. I was sleep deprived. My house was a mess. I was carrying some extra baby weight. I always said, "When the girls get older, I'll have more time to get back in shape. I'll have more time to clean when I don't have to hold them all the time. I'll find more time when they nap longer and sleep through the night." Then my babies became toddlers.

When my children were toddlers, life was crazy. I was no longer sleep deprived, but I was exhausted. My house was a mess. Cleaning seemed futile. As I would try to pick up in one room, the girls would be playing (aka making a mess) in another. I still was carrying extra baby weight even though I felt like I never sat down. I thought, "I'll have more time when the girls are in school. I'll get on a real exercise schedule. The house will be immaculate. I'll probably even be bored." Then my toddlers started school.

Now that my girls are in school, life is crazy. I am no longer exhausted, but I am constantly busy. Between driving the girls to and from school and other activities, I am always on the road. My house is still not clean. With grandparents that love the girls more than life itself, we are overrun with toys that have outgrown their homes. I am still carrying extra baby weight. (Can you call it that when your babies are 5 and 6?) I exercise regularly, but my body no longer responds like it did when I was in my 20's. I now realize that I will never have more time. Twenty-four hours is all that you can get in a day. I now understand that it is not the amount of time you are given, but how you spend it. How I prioritize my life is up to me. That is why I am making some simple changes to make my life better in 2011.

I really have no major complaints from 2010. It was a good year. However, even the best of years can be improved upon, and that is my goal.  In 2011 I plan to remain happily married to my wonderful husband.  I plan to appreciate him more.  I plan to give him a kiss every day when he gets home from work so that he knows how much I love him.   I am hoping that that small gesture which will take only seconds from my day will remind us that even with our busy lives, we are still in it together.   I have been blessed with two amazing little girls.  They are so kind and polite.  They rarely miss an opportunity to say "Please", "Thank You", or help a friend.  In 2011 I plan to make more of an effort to recognize their strengths.  Instead of only correcting them when they do forget, I will tell them how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness.  I will thank them when they help with the dishes, laundry, or vacuuming the floor.   I hope to foster their kindness and encourage their hard work with simple words of acknowledgment.   The last small change I hope to make in 2011 is to do more random acts of kindness.   Sometimes it might be as simple as a smile for a stranger.  Other times perhaps I'll pass a coupon on to another shopper.  By appreciating what I have and sharing with others, I hope to make not only my own life better, but also the lives of others who might pay it forward.

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