Sunday, October 7, 2012

UNJUNK with UNREAL this Halloween (and ever after)

I have to be honest.  

I was a bit of a skeptic.  

When I was told that there was a candy that had been unjunked, I wasn't quite sure I believed it.  How could it be unjunked?  It couldn't possibly taste good, could it?  So, let me be the first to admit . . . 

I was WRONG!

A box of UNREAL candy arrived at my door just about a day before I had scheduled a party with some of my nearest and dearest friends.  Peanut and Pumpkin were my guinea pigs.  I gave each of them one peanut butter cup from a package just to get their reactions.  Peanut was the first to walk in.  She looked at the package a little haltingly and asked where the paper wrapper was.  It didn't take too much convincing for her (my sweets lover) to take a bite.  She then smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and asked if she could have the other one.  When Pumpkin walked in, she was a bit more hesitant.  She asked if Peanut liked it or not, took a little bite after smelling it, then gobbled it up.  She didn't even want to share when I asked if I could have a bite.  It was definitely a hit with both of my girls.  Next up, Doc.

Doc is my candy aficionado.  He's been eating candy all his life.  I'm pretty sure he thinks it is one of the most important food groups.   While he doesn't love UNREAL candy as much as the girls and I do, he definitely likes it.  I don't think it would take him long to make a permanent switch to UNREAL.  His actual comment was, "I could get used to eating this instead."  

Armed with their opinions and some great facts about UNREAL candy, I was ready for my party.

So, here are some of the facts about UNREAL candy:
    • Made with Real Cane Sugar
    • No Corn Syrup
    • More Cacao
    • No Artificial Preservatives
    • No Hydrogenated Oils/Fats
    • No Artificial Colors/Flavors
    • More Protein and Fiber
    • Made with Real Milk from Grass Fed Cows (without artificial hormones and antibiotics)
    I don't know about you, but almost all of my friends have different opinions.  From food to politics, I think I have at least one friend that believes in just about everything.  I have one friend that is ultra health conscious.  I have a couple of friends that are junk food junkies.  Most of my friends are somewhere in between.  They try to be good most of the time, but don't feel too guilty if they are bad on occasion.  Because of the dynamics of our friendships,  I hosted this party a little differently.  We had a tailgate before the Friday night football game where the candy was available to try.  In addition, everyone was given a goodie bag with a couple of the UNREAL candy bars and the information sheets.  I asked everyone to read the information, try the candy, and let me know what they thought when we got together in a couple of days for our regularly scheduled girls' night in. 

    Real Reviews from my friends about UNREAL:

     "Surprisingly delicious!" 
    "Everyone in my family found something they loved!" 
    "I didn't even share with the kids!"
    "My husband claims he doesn't even like chocolate, but the candy disappeared overnight!" 
    "Two-thumbs up!" 
    "Got any more?" 

    Of all of my friends, only two had anything negative to say.  One friend didn't like the peanut butter cups.  She wasn't sure what was "wrong" with them, but they just didn't taste right to her.  Another friend said, "Even though it is a better choice, it still isn't a good choice."  (This was my very healthy friend.)  Overall though, I'd have to say that UNREAL candy was a real hit with my friends!

    So, here's my only problem with UNREAL.  It was very difficult to find where I live.  I am generally a Kroger shopper.  I looked for several weeks at my local Kroger for UNREAL candy, but couldn't find it.  One week, I needed more mouthwash and happened upon UNREAL candy by the toothpaste.  Really?!  I contacted Kroger to ask them about it.  They are looking into it (but it is still by the toothpaste as of this afternoon).  So, if you want to give a company like this a chance, look for it in your local stores (even in the unlikely places).  If it isn't there, ask for it.  Even if you aren't interested in UNREAL candy, you may be interested in unjunking other food products.  If we can take the "junk" out of candy and make it taste good, then I think we can probably unjunk just about anything!

    Disclosure:  Products and compensation were provided by Global Influence.  All thoughts and opinions are my own (and those of my friends/family).

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    1. In a world of "biggie" size and other surprises it may still be an indulgence but the ingredients for sure make it feel better to snack :)