Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday - My Magnificent Husband

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have decided to dedicate Thursday on my blog as "Thankful Thursday".  Each Thursday I will write about something I am grateful for.  Whether it is large or small, expected or not, all Thursdays will give you a little look at who I am and the ways in which I am blessed.  I'm hoping that taking time out, at least once each week, to think about how lucky I am, will make me a more appreciative person in general.

I decided to begin my Thankful Thursdays by expressing my appreciation for the one person in my life that I most take for granted - Doc, my husband. 
  1. Doc is an amazing father.  As much as I might complain about all the little things he does "wrong" (aka - not my way), there is so much that he does right.  He loves our girls with all his heart.  After a long day at work, no matter how tired he is, he will always take time out to play with them.  Whether the girls want to play Barbies, baseball, or tickle monster, he will be right there ready to join in.  In fact, just the other day Peanut wanted to have a water gun fight.  Even though it was a little cold out, and she is the only one with a big water gun, he went out and played.  He really made her day!
  2. Doc is a thoughtful husband.  On days when I am absolutely exhausted, he notices and offers to pick up supper.  He (usually) listens when I talk and remembers the little things I mention in casual conversation.  He is most often the one that will suggest that we have a date night when life seems to get in the way of our relationship. 
  3. Doc is funny.  I've noticed as the years have passed that I laugh at his jokes much less frequently.  With a bit of careful thought I've decided that I can't blame it on the fact that he's not as funny anymore since other people still laugh.  When I open my heart and mind to his humor, I am taken back to when we first met.  I am smitten with his smile and his quick wit. 
  4. Doc has a strong work ethic.  He works hard at home.  He works hard at work.  He is willing to work for everything he has and everything he wants.  He is an amazing example for our children.
  5. Doc has beautiful blue eyes.   When I look into his eyes I see our past, our present, and our future.  I can see his love for me and our children.   You often hear that "the eyes are the window to the soul".  When I look into his eyes, I know that is true!


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