Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Rant - CAPTCHAs!

CAPTCHAs . . . seriously?

Okay, I get the purpose of a captcha.   You want to make sure I'm a real person and not a spam bot or program that is somehow designed to enter contests, comments and information without a real person suffering through the process.   Honestly, I couldn't create a program to enter my information if my life depended on it.  I'm just not that technology savvy.  If you are going to make me enter a captcha though, could you at least make it legible?  How about a real word?  Is it asking too much to not include symbols that I've never even seen used in the English language before?  I used to hate those math problems and the questions that would ask something like, "What color is grass?" just because I thought they were stupid and a bit of a waste of time.  Right now, I think I'd take some good old fashion long-division over an illegible CAPTCHA. 

*Rant over . . . Now back to your regularly scheduled posts!  :o)


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