Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Basic Math Skills are a Necessity

Let me preface this by saying that I am NOT perfect. You will find errors in spelling, grammar, and more on this blog on a daily basis. If after reading this you feel inclined to search and find those errors and point them out to me, feel free to do so. However this is not an attack on any individual person. This is simply observation and my own opinion.

Yesterday, after taking Pumpkin to ballet, I decided to grab some fast-food dinner on the way home. I didn't feel like cooking and wasn't sure if I had enough thawed ingredients in the house to make a complete meal anyway. (As an aside - Now I know why my mom used to make so many casseroles!) After placing my order they gave me my total and I proceeded to the window to pay. Never one to carry cash, I handed them my credit card. Shortly thereafter, I heard, "Oh sh*t" and saw a group of three people huddled around the cash register. They bantered back and forth for a while, and I heard of slew of numbers being rattled around. When I finally got my card and order, the young girl told me that she accidentally pressed the wrong button and had originally only charged me $1.10 for the order. The three workers were standing around trying to figure what the difference was between my total and $1.10 so that they could send a second transaction for the remaining balance. Assuming they had figured it out, I didn't look at my receipts until I got home. Apparently subtraction was not a strength of any of the workers, because they ended up charging me $0.96 less than what I owed.

Now what do I do? Should I take a dollar with me next week when I go to ballet so that I can pay my balance or are they going to look at me like I'm crazy? Do I just let it go and try to live with the guilt of knowing that I didn't pay the $0.96 that I owe. (Yeah, I have BAD mommy guilt issues . . . but that is for another post.) If only they had basic math skills or a nearby calculator, it would have saved me some unnecessary stress.

I'm off to get the girls' cash register out of the closet. It is time we get cracking on on their basic money math skills. :o)


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