Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are you thoughtful? - Try to win $500 from itsThoughtful

Have you heard of Its Thoughtful?
itsThoughtful is a vibrant social shopping community focused on gift shopping. Its a forum for people to share and discover the most popular, creative, thoughtful, unusual, funny, unique (we can add more adjectives but you get the idea) gift ideas in the world.
Right now, if you sign up for the site, you can submit ideas for thoughtful gifts.  If your idea is voted to be the best idea, you can win a $500 Amazon gift card.  I've got my thinking cap on and am trying to come up with some thoughtful gifts of my own.  You might want to give it a shot too!

Even if you don't have any thoughtful gift ideas to share, you might want to check out the site to see if you can borrow some ideas from others.  Everyone definitely appreciates a thoughtful gift more than a thoughtless one.   Personally, I love how you can search by occasion or recipient and even sort by price.  I haven't used the site to pick out gifts yet, but I will definitely check it out when I'm stuck on a gift idea.

*Disclaimer - Information about the site came from the site itself.  If 15 people sign up using my link, I am eligible to possibly win a $25 Amazon Gift card.  I haven't used the site yet, but do like the idea of it.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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