Thursday, March 18, 2010

The DaVinci Decode (A follow up to The DaVinci Code)

As mentioned in my post on The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, I had received a book that was essentially a Christian rebuttal to it, The DaVinci Decode by Grenville Kent and Philip Rodionoff. I have given my best effort to read this book, but sadly over the past week have only made it to page 48 of 108. While the information in the book was interesting for a while, it became a bit redundant. In addition, I found that a large number of the sources cited in the book were also books of Christian interpretation, many of which appear to have also been written in response to The DaVinci Code. As a result I didn't feel the information was any more or less valid than any other Christian or Anti-Christian propoganda I've read in the past. So, it is with some regret that I must tell you that I will not finish this book. I decided long ago (after reading was necessary for college courses) that I will not read books unless they provide me with some tangible benefit. They can provide me with an escape. They can provide me with valuable or interesting information. They can stimulate deep thought or conversation. I've found that FOR ME this book does not do any of those. Perhaps my quest for spiritual enlightenment just isn't strong enough yet.


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