Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas is Coming . . .maybe Kellogg's can help.

As you probably know if you've read many of my personal posts or my info on my About tab, I am a stay-at-home mom.   I obviously don't make any money on my blog since very few of my posts are sponsored, and those that are, often result in one of you getting a prize, but not necessarily me.   The only money I have, comes from an occasional survey or focus group and prize winnings from contests and sweepstakes.  Each year around this time, I begin frantically trying to find more time to enter contests, especially those for gift cards and cash.  Doc pays for the majority of the gifts, but I like to find a way to buy something for him that doesn't involve him spending his own money.  Here's where Kellogg's comes in . . .

The Blogher Mom's Breakfast Club and Kellogg's are giving away 25 $100 Visa gift cards each week until November 1, 2010.   Twenty-five separate blogs are each hosting a giveaway each week.  All you have to do to win is comment and cross your fingers that you are randomly chosen to win a prize.  Here are the bloggers for this week:

The main blogher web page also indicates that Jenny on the Spot is hosting one, but I couldn't find hers.  Please let me know if you find it and I'll be happy to update this post.  Good luck!


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