Friday, October 22, 2010

Treasure Your Chest - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I recently posted on facebook, "I like it on the floor of my closet." (Actually, I like it on the kitchen counter, but Doc doesn't, so we compromise with the floor of my closet.)

The replies came quickly, "What?!"

It didn't take long before everyone was posting where they like it. If you were wondering what "it" is, you weren't alone.

This year, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, people were asked to post where they like to keep their handbag as their facebook status. (You know how Doc is about clutter, so he definitely doesn't like it on the counter.) Last year people posted the color of the bra that they were wearing. Regardless of how we get the word out and draw attention to the importance of early detection, it is important to do.

When I recently received an email from MomSelect asking if I wanted to share the following video with my readers, I didn't hesitate at all. If it brings awareness to even one more person, then I can rest easy knowing I've made a difference.

*Disclaimer - The video link was provided by MomSelect. Of all bloggers to embed the video on their site, one will win a year's supply of Orbit gum.


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