Friday, February 18, 2011

Countdown - Day 37

Exercise - Power 90 3-4 Sweat with Ab Ripper 200

Diet - banana, 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios with skim milk, 6 oz yogurt, 1/2 banana, Ruby Tuesday Vegetarian Pasta (1/2), a handful of Chex Mix, Burger King TenderGrill Chicken Salad without dressing

I was out and about tons today, but I don't think I did too bad considering.  I've discovered that the best thing to do when going out to eat is to order something fairly healthy and only eat half.  If you ask for a box when you order or as soon as they bring out the food, you won't be tempted to eat more.  Immediately cut the portion in half and box it.  Eat the half that is on your plate and you don't be tempted to eat just a couple more bites. 


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