Friday, August 6, 2010

Googly Bands Rings and Necklaces

The Googly Band craze is upon us in full force.  Just when I thought they couldn't come up with any more designs or ideas, I received an email telling me about the latest products in the Googly Band family - Rings and Necklaces!  While I'm not sure that I love the necklaces -

 (I think I need to see them in person.  They look a little bulky from just looking at the picture)  

I think that the rings are very cute. 
The butterflies are my favorite design, but I'm sure my girls would love them all.  My only question is if they will fit all fingers.  I'm afraid that they would either fall off my kiddos, or pull the little hairs off of mine (leading to tears in either case).   If I am lucky enough to win some, I'll be sure to let you all know what I think in a follow-up review.

*Disclaimer - By posting about these new products I am eligible to win some.  Images were provided by Googly Bands.


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