Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Have you heard of SafeSocial?

SafeSocial, a new AOL product that launches today, can help you protect your children, even if you aren't a social media expert. SafeSocial helps you:

Find out where your child has online accounts

Know who your child is "friends" with online

Get notified if your child is in a conversation about violence, suicide or drugs

See photos your child has posted online, and others' photos in which your child has been tagged

Another benefit? You can monitor all this activity without being a "helicopter parent." Your child will have to agree to be monitored, but you won't need to connect with them on the social media accounts, or hover over their shoulders in person.

*Disclaimer:  All information for this post was provided by Global Influence.  By posting, I am eligible to win a $25 gift card.  I will provide my thoughts and ideas about SafeSocial in a later post. 

1 comment:

  1. After looking at the site, I definitely think that SafeSocial is an interesting concept. At $9.99/month though, it is more than I would be willing to pay. However, this is said with the knowledge that my girls are only 4 and 6. When they become teenagers I might easily change my mind. I like that it provides a quick easy summary of what your kids are doing without you having to look at all the content on all the sites. However, kids are smart. If they realize that certain words are being targeted in posts then they are likely to change their wording if they have something to hide. If someone decided to try it out, I'd be very interested in hearing your reviews. It is never too early to put safeguarding steps in place for your children.