Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Great Tooth Debate

What is the value of a tooth?

Seriously . . . how much is a tooth worth?

This is a serious debate in our house.  "When I was a kid" we got a quarter for every tooth we lost.  According to the inflation calculator, what was worth a quarter in 1983 is now worth $0.55.  So, I would think that any teeth lost and placed under a pillow should earn approximately two quarters . . . maybe three if the tooth fairy is feeling generous, likes to round up, and can wrangle three quarters from the bottom of her overstuffed purse. Sounds fair, right?

However, upon talking to some other family and friends, the going rate seems to be between $1 and $5.  Some really generous fairies even give $10.  Seriously?  Ten Dollars for a tooth?  It isn't like losing a tooth is a difficult task.  Without any work at all they will eventually fall out, right?  I know that Peanut (and probably all children) wiggle and fiddle with them incessantly, but that isn't necessary for the end result.  Doesn't that seem a little high?

I want to teach my children the value of a dollar.  I want them to understand that you have to work hard to earn money...Money doesn't grow on trees...A penny saved is a penny earned...and other such famous sayings.  However, I don't want them to wonder why the tooth fairy likes their friends' teeth better than theirs.  Do you think kids compare how much they get under their pillows?

Right now, Peanut gets 6 quarters for each tooth lost.  We've decided on 6 since she is 6 years old.  If one day the tooth fairy can't find 6 quarters, she might get 6 dimes, nickels or pennies, but almost certainly not 6 dollars.  This tooth fairy just can't rationalize that kind of spending.

What is the value of a tooth in your house?


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