Monday, March 31, 2014

17 Reasons I'm Lucky - Day 17

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, and simply because I'm feeling blessed lately, I've decided to do 17 days of posts.  Each post will include one reason that I feel lucky.  Hopefully, you can think of at least 17 reasons why you're lucky too.  Please feel free to share your reasons, because sometimes it just feels nice to be able to brag a bit.

May the luck of the Irish be with you this March, and beyond.

This series of posts has truly made me realize just how lucky I really am.  When I was trying to decide what to write about for my final day, I was both thrilled and frustrated that it was so difficult.  How do you decide on one reason you're lucky when there are just so many to choose from?  After much thought, I finally picked one final reason that I'm such a lucky girl.  This one reason is like an umbrella that captures so many of the other little things.  I am lucky to LOVE and to be LOVED!
Doc loves me and our girls with all his heart.  When he looks at me, I can see his love in his eyes.   I can hear his love in the kind words he says.  I can feel his love in his touch.  Even when he is sitting silently reading, I can sense his love in his calm contentment.  Every action is done with love.  How lucky am I to be surrounded by it?  How lucky am I to be the one to be able to give him my love in return?
Peanut and Pumpkin are love.  They see love in all that is around them.  They experience love in everything that they do.  Their smiles and laughs show all the love that is in their hearts.  When I am feeling blue, a hug from my girls always feels so genuine and full of love, that I can't help but feel better.  Our girls aren't perfect.  They have tantrums, meltdowns, and bouts of unexplainable bad behavior, but they never last long.  Just the other day, after dealing with a bad attitude, followed by silence for about 10 minutes, I was given an unsolicited apology and a hug.  It appears (so far), that in the battle between anger and love, love always wins out with our girls.  
A quote I've often heard about friendship, is also aptly applied to love.  "Love isn't a big thing, it is a million little things."  For each of those million things, I'm lucky and very appreciative.   


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